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★ welcome to my page! ★

last updated: 10/6/20


jitensha ni noreta hi

natsume takashi (cv: kamiya hiroshi)

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nitya ★ 17 ★ he/him

hi! i'm nitya. i was born august 18 and i am an entp 7w8.

i made this site to improve on my css/html skills, but i also plan on using it as my own corner of the net (like i didn't already have enough carrds for that). i like hoarding lots of things, so you'll see that here too.

you're free to explore this site in its entirety. please enjoy your stay while you're here!

blinkies ★★

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♡ 夏目貴志 ♡

08.04.18 💍︎⚣

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everyone on here is very awesome and i appreciate them very much <3

eric: my very horrible and mean bestie :( his cats are very cute though so i guess he's okay...

damian: GAYYYY GAY FAGGOT LGBT . really cute tho (no homo) (jk. makes out with u in front of your bf)

rin: MY AWESOME IRL I LOVE YOU BRO<3 thank u for putting up w me thru my horrible phases over the years...

alex: my other awesome irl who is no longer an irl cus he lives far away :( swag bro it's great to see your art style grow 👍︎

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my mmds

halloween mmd feat. lelouch 👍︎

my mmds are...really pink, if you couldn't tell. i don't think my style is similar to most of the popular creators at all. i tend to add a lot of effects and colorful things that go in sync with the song; you can see a lot in the gimme gimme mmd.

my carrds

i don't really pride myself on having particularly unique carrd designs; rather, i think i'm good at just adding things using css/html to make it look flashier. it's an approach i quite enjoy.

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things i like

currently hyperfixating on: code geass, natsume yuujinchou

  • code geass I LOOOOVE THIS SHOW SOOO MUCH OMFG. suzalulu lgbt so cute i hate lgbts but i want to see them prosper. this show is awesome my adhd loves it

  • natsuyuu my second favorite anime of all time. it makes me super happy and natsume is so cute he gives me more serotonin than my antidepressants could ever wish to.

special interests: drrr, technology

  • I LOVE DURARARA SOOO MUCH <3 IT'S LITERALLY MY FAVE SERIES EVER IT MAKES ME HURT SO MUCH BUT IN THE BEST WAYS . I HAVE SO MANY SCENES MEMORIZED ESP THE IZAYA ONES THEY'RE ALL SO NOSTALGIC IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY :D watching durarara brings me the best nostalgia rush ever it's like. so easy to remember where i was and what i was doing when i first watched it

  • i've been using computers since before i could walk so it's natural they're very important to me LOL. i mostly enjoy older tech but i dabble in the newer stuff depending on whether i like it or not heh. i also like web design (hence this carrd) and software in general.

haruhi suzumiya, saiki k, sayonara zetsubou-sensei, enstars, hypmic, persona 5, criminal minds, vocaloid

my favorites


  • i love him soooo much i already said this but he's sooo cute. i want to kiss him and hug him and be lgbt with him soooooo badly. i have the biggest crush on him it's so wahhhhh 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。i love you natsume takashi

lelouch lamperouge

  • I LOVE YOU LELOUCH OMFG. he's so cute i think lulu gap moe is like the most powerful thing ever. he's so funny and he makes my brain go (grows) with how cool he is. i need to kiss him this instant i will shift into code geass world and mwah ALSO I HATE R2 ENDING I CRIED SO HARD HOLY SHIT. kys code geass

orihara izaya :/

  • izaya is my ultimate favorite character ever i think he's like on a different plane entirely man. if you ask me about him i will astral project and then begin reciting all 138000 PB of info i have about him in my brain at very fast speeds. he is so awesome i'd kill for his ugly ass or whatever. he wishes he was as funny as shizuo but ok

heiwajima shizuo :)

  • absolute legend. his back must hurt from having to carry the entirety of durarara on it. i love when he attacks izaya like yesss king kill the gays!!! <3 he's funny as hell without even trying too like when he was just causally carrying that motorcycle. make this dude a comedian NOW !!

nyanko-sensei, souma, haruhi, koizumi, suzaku, c.c., reid, morgan, hotch, rossi, garcia, yusuke, ryuji, ranpo, kamiyan, onod, shizaya, tanatsu, suzalulu

  • reid srry for criminal minds crimes but i love him so much ♡ seeing him makes me feel so awesome bc we're like #twins and he's like my ult fave in cm which says a lot cus i love everyone in the bau but esp him. i think he has too many misfortunes come his way and that is not fair i think cm should stop it.

  • shizaya these two fags just need to die already i know i was praising them above but when they're together they are SOOOO annoying omfg. shizuo and izaya are not normal and the way they talk to each other and "fight" just proves it. just fuck off already

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fall out boy

  • my ult fave band since i was like 10♡ their music means so much to me and it's so awesome. i have a lot of their songs memorized just cus when i was little i was kinda crazy heh. i def prefer prehiatus fob to posthiatus but their newer stuff isn't necessarily bad, it's just. not the same?


  • his music has helped me get through so many emotions i've had. when i saw the news about his death last year, i was heartbroken. i will forever be thankful for him and the music he has given us. thank you, wowaka.


  • similar to wowaka, kikuo's music is awesome for getting me through things. but i primarily use it for things like putting me in very specific moods for creativity and such. it's also perfect dissociating music, holy shit. i first heard his music 3 or so years ago, and the first song i heard had helped me uncover a repressed memory from years ago so i am thankful for that as well.

undead, eden, matenrou, neru, gigap, hachi, utsup, shoose, senra, one ok rock, my chemical romance, patd

  • patd nice little note about this one i don't like brendon as a person the only people i still like that were in this band are ryan and dallon.

my favorites

—— albums ——

—— songs ——

smooth — santana
暗闇心中相思相愛 — 糸色望
snitches and talkers — fall out boy
valentine eve's nightmare — undead
ultimate senpai — pinocchiop
teo — omoi

my spotify playlist

never end — lelouch lamperouge
world end — flow
ready steady — giga
another kiss - fukuyama jun
gimme x gimme — hachioujip + gigap
move your feet — junior senior

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・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .*

will add more in the future ♡